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Tips to motivate kids for their successful and happy future.

 Quite often every parent have a question in their minds that how kids can be educated and successful in their future? What habit should we cultivate to make their life better in future?     If you want to give your kid a better life then start cultivating 5 habits not from today but from now.

Make it a habit in children to give. When we were small, we are told to share whatever we get to other members of our house whether it’s a chocolate or some kind of sweets. When my kid was a toddler, he never used to share anything with anyone. Then I keep on explaining to him that giving is good symptoms of good boys. Then he started sharing things with others.we can’t force them but can make them understand with a good set of examples.

Children should have a habit of reading books. Knowledge comes from reading books. Children often watch TV YouTube, but they get information from them.we as parents should develop this habit from a young age itself.

As we can see, competition is growing rapidly fast. Only one thing remains between all these races is that their health. Put them in activities from a young age so that they should be healthy. If your child is successful and not healthy then he cannot be happy. So do engage them in activities like sports yoga, swimming classes etc.

In today’s era children don’t value the thing which they get very easily. Children learn by observing us. From now on, we also have to do appraisals for everything. Then, children will start appreciating after seeing us.

Try something  creative 
We should encourage our kids to try something new like drawing, craft or DIY activity. While they grow up this habit will make them confidence and they will start an experiment. In that way, they learn quickly. The people who are successful have tried so many new things. If our kids want to try something new be with them encourage and support them these are the chances to become happy and successful. Every Sunday Instead of taking your kid in a restaurant or any mall try something new with them and this makes fast development of your kid’s brain.
    Every parent has their own kind of Parenting so if you think I might be left out any points to add please put your suggestions in my comment sections

“Your true success in life begins only when you make the commitment to become excellent at what you do.” —Brian Tracy


Kids should be responsible or spoiler

Responsibility cannot be divided between genders I guess. It’s a people way of thinking. Now in this era, there should not be any dominations that boys should play and girls should start cooking cleaning. Boys can also cook and girls can also attend sports. They should be treated equally.        My boy is 6 years old and he can do the task which shows his capacity like folding their own clothes, putting the toy and taking another. Why should we have to behind them for each and everything? He is naughty and sometimes he plays dramas which do not affect me at all. His grandparents may support him but my rule is my rule which never going to broken for someone sake. if I m making him do this all are for his future.           My son likes cleaning his own vehicle, his own table whatever he likes. I don’t say u do this u do that. He likes to copy his grandfather who cleans furniture chair where ever he goes whatever he does my kid follows him and ask him so many questions every Friday. In this way, he also takes an interest in cleaning. Like in a previous post I said we play a song during cleaning chores.   We should include our kids to cleaning purpose just like a game then this will get into the habit for the future. We should not ignore them saying that they are too small, their hands would get dirt to let them enjoy yaar. But there are some people who say they will do when they grow up


.    I already pasted chart for studies. He himself organise his school books into his shelf.      They can also help us in the kitchen to organise fruits and vegetables. They will get to know the shape, colour. Let them watch us while cooking or making their dishes. Kids actually love that. Whenever I do some cooking, my kid would say mom please be careful huh that vessel is too hot


. Its really melts me and that’s enough to make my day good.     He also helps me while doing laundry he picks up dry clothes from washing machine but he makes sure to unplug the socket from the switchboard.     When you plan to go to some restaurant along with your kids ask their choices which will make them happy too. Kids observe us each and every minute from dawn tonight. They want us to obey them to respect them.         While giving a task we should demonstrate them step by step.once they are doing things well change the task. We should also check whether they are done.          We should praise them whenever they try to help us. I reward my kid with a new toy or some sweets made from home or pocket money.      Every mother has a different kind of opinions and suggestions .if I left any point you can comment on my post and also share how your kids manage with responsibility.

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My kiddos 5 favourite books

          Book reading is one of my passion and a kind of meditation by which we forget the present surrounding and feel the another world .I just love reading books right now I had started reading Connect to dot of  Rashmi Bansal in which she shared stories of 20 entrepreneurs without MBA who dared to find their own path  .I started  reading books like tin tin , Richie rich ,Arabian nights at younger age .My  younger brother is also fond of reading books.We already had membership at near by library and took much advantage in our school vacations.I also wanted to cultivate same habit to my kid who  is 6 year old.He loves to watch cartoon,discovery channel so I bought him books according to his interest.i want to share list of books along with activity book which has been brought for my kids and will be helpful to other moms .

Bedtime favourites of Disney.

This  book is perfect for bedtime .It has a collection of 19  selected stories which has been featured movie  like The Lion,Finding Nemo,Troy story part 3,and many more.Aayush love the character mcqueen  and matte of the movie cars 2 specially and mickey mouse .As i m also a disney fan and also watch movies with my son.He pick up this book at night and he select the stories which he want to hear from me and then sleep.All kids will love this book with a wonderful illustrations.The quality of pages are  very good . Ages from 2 years and above can read this books with enthusiasm.

I would rate 8 out of 10.and would like to suggest other moms to definitely buy this book.

Great Junior encyclopedia our world

This book is gifted to my son as a present.and i think this would be best gift for him to know about our son is 6 years old and kids of this age have a curiosity to know about each and every corner of our world .so they will love to read this book again and again which covers the topic of

1 Human body,2. science and nature 3. inventions 4.ocean world 5.animal world 6.amazing places 7.great explorers 9.Electronics and Technology 10.Our to below link where u can buy this fantastic book

My first thousand words of purple turtle

I suggest every mom to have a look at it.This is an illustrated word book which has been created by Ms Swathi Rajoria hats off her.

This book is made with thick pages which is perfect for kids who would start to speak .They will get the idea of each object where to be placed .This book covers the topic from childrens own world to their home ,their  neighbourhood and then about the has been arranged according to the each topics.Aayush loved this book and every day he opens the book and show me each topic with enthusiasm.  So moms hurry up and don’t think too much and try to grab this book I m sure ur kids would love this book .click to below link where you can get this book.

Panchtantra (a set of 5 books)

I used to read this during my school days.His uncle gifted him .Its a nice friendly book.Aayush used to flip every page and ask me so.many questions.its from navneet publications sounds familiar right we used to get school textbooks from same publications.Its also available in many languages now.Pages are of good quality with a nice illustrations.It can be available in flipkart also.

Dreamland kid’s 4th Activity book

I picked this book from bookstall organised at my son covers activities like puzzles,joining dot to dotdrawing colouring,matching pictures .you will find each page with kind of activities to understand the basic will fill this book very interested.must buy for kids from the age of 6 .you can buy this book from this link 

So now it seems that you will like all these books and will also buy immediately. 

How to nurture our son in this troubled world

Raising a boy is not easy task specially not in this world where they get addicted towards gadgets,games etc.Whenever I attend any functions or at parks, I can see a lots of parents give mobile phones to children to keep them busy so that parents can talk to others .Is this a solution ?no never , instead of that you should make them introduce to people who are talking to you.Whenever I attend marriage function you can’t find me  in those wedding album because I would be with my son  who is hyperactive ,he never sits and always running so I take one pic of ours and keep my bag with my in-laws so that my boy can  enjoy those surroundings and when he gets tired he will be  with me .I make sure he enjoy himself thats my happiness.           

 As I m also a learning parent like you all.I can suggest you some ways to raise our boys to be good.The most important part is doing our karma in a positive way.Let us leave all our  frustations stress to a god thats not possible at least we can try because he is only one who would heal us and make us more strong   

 Let your son know about the importance of God  As a parents it’s our responsibility to raise them in a good manner and teach them a good foundation and have a good relationship with God which would help them  to take a step to success.Its not at all late or early to teach them about god ,even when they r not listening your boy will thank you one day.  

Visiting of temple or church.I always try to visit temple with my son every weekend.Do visit temple or church let them feel it’s environment .Beside the learning about god they will also learn to worship God and how to serve others.Your boys are likely to find friends who are blessed in his life.We should also tell them the stories of each god, their power and how they defended evils ? Children loves this is a exact time to tell them thru story with expressions.i really loved telling story to my son with expression and when learnt about stories in school he would tell my mom told me this story .      Let them pray with us Praying a god is talking to a god we can talk to him as much as we can share our good ones so make them sit with us and let them pray to God .If they don’t know teach them how to pray  also teach them to thank and praise the god for their happiness 😊.After coming from school my son get fresh  and sit with his grand mother to pray and at night before sleeping I make him to pray and to thank god .

Always be present ,listen and communicate.Boys have so many to share with us as a parent we should listen them.Then they will feel to share each and every moment with us even if they had committed any mistake or fault we can be friendly make them understand nicely and we can also share our childhood memories .

Family life is very important.Our society is getting dull  day by day we can see a lot of broken homes that is broken lives.Peoples are getting easily distracting  by  phones ,tablets, videos games extra curricular activities and job, they dont get  quality time to spend with their own families.Sitting in a living room with your boy while you are on internet does not make you present.  Sit with your boys talk to them about schools ,sport and the topic they want to discuss with us .My son always keeps on saying about his school his Friends and mainly about the national geographic channel which he watch regularly I also sit with him and watch.

Be an example. Be a kind of person you would like to your boy should be in future. That is always be positive ,keep smiling ,be punctual, share your funny moments with friends which make them happy,  respect elders,help those who really need help always be happy, do not lie and if ever has done any wrong then correct it. 

Be vigilant. If we as parents had kept some rules for our children they should maintain it .It’s our responsibility to know with whom they are hang out with and about his Friends and their families.I have a younger brother we have 6 years of age gap and he is also my son . Till now I call my parents to know about him if he goes any where I ask them to note his friends contact number. It’s not that we don’t trust his friends but keeping it  for their Safety.     We should make a schedule chart for our boys  at what time they should watch TV or they should play and make them sit with you for dinner.And should not allow them to break the rules made by you.this will be helpful for their future .

GratitudeNow a days we can see so many bad  things happening around us.Instead of focusing on positive side people are only focusing on negative of each and every thing they come across and they become sad ,depressed and negative .So this is the only reason god want us to focus on him.When we watch the news of people being tortured bruised seriously it really makes us pain.Children should watch news but now a days we can’t let them because it impacts their mind negatively.So I just share the good news or knowledgeable news with my son.We don’t want our boys to become negative .We can teach our boys to grateful .We should be grateful for them when it is really needed.they need it.they take it too seriously next time they do it their own thing .

Serve others.
The people in our society become so selfish to serve elders or the needy people so we should explain our kids about the importance of  serving to people by example like helping neighbors to carry their groceries , participating in activities and helping elders . They can also help you with small chores in home .In that way they will feel the parents hardwork and responsibilities towards their home.We should appreciate our  kids for helping us in a positive response .

So nurturing your boys in a troubled world is hard but we can make it possible with our positive and confidence with a patience .
I hope you  will love my post and also share how you want to grow your boys  and how they should be like . Please leave your comments .                     Stay blessed all